November 27, 2010


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Fuzzy logic, spam prevention, adsense account, gmail, a few words I am using that all webmasters use, and deal with on a daily bases on one level or another. I have been thinking of making this video for a long time know, but worried of the Google slap that might accure. After losing 400 hours of work to the google spam prevention logic, and seeing no OFFICIAL RECOURSE, other then a personal search and find mission ending at blogger help, semi official spam site blogger help, which by the way indexes your claim in public, is generally more hurtful to a site by pure tarnishing of reputation.
I found again this morning a full first page of completely scraped material on the ENTIRE FIRST PAGE GOOGLE SERP for my brand and my content, including title with my intended web site no where to be found. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GOOGLE WEB SPAM PREVENTION TEAM, RECONSIDERATION HUMANS AT GOOGLE. I personally cant claim FUZZY LOGIC if MRS. end user's house falls down. This page will be posted BEFORE the youtube video and pinged to Google in a shear test with screen shots to be posted later. YOUTUBE/ROCKNTV1