October 4, 2010

PSeudo Random Noise: Cryptosystems

TECH: Point to Point (p2p) communications are a PHalusy,,) there is always an ISP (internet service provider) and data center hopping point, so central location of intersection points have always existed. In the 1:08 > Steve, you elude to unhampered intercept by any third party, I submit AMATUER HAM RADIO, this medium has always been true point to point, sens propagation, and been policed from with in as a true, open to all receivers, means of communications, with certain standards of etiquette, for many reasons not the least of which is efficiency in communication.

tion, moderated by the ARRL,and enforced, by the FCC, ,,hmmm not FBI. Unfortunately, our bigger problem, I think is the hacks who have it vs those who dont, and the blind soccer moms, and pops, 5/8 wave below this conversation stuck watering @ faRm villIAGE. I have been associated with Pseudo Random Noise since my first music lessons at 8 years old,, ;) john@ ROCKNTV1 Indie rock band videos,Technologies, world news
Cryptosystems, CRYPTOGRAPHERS Pseudo Random Noise, INTERNET CENSORSHIP and American civil rights. Security and encryption on the internet can not be over looked, nor discontinued, as the most basic of banking and trusted online shopping count on it. = SHARE ROCKNTV1