September 12, 2010

TECH: Tascam m-06 mixing board analog audio

ROCKNTV1 TECH VIDEO: m-06 audio mixing board, analog On this mixer each input is stereo so it is good for video editing,or using one as a sub-mixer for the drum-kit. It uses 1/4" ins and outs, as well as RCA outs, for access patch points. Six input w/ separate pan, Hi & Lo eq. & trim on each channel. Can be used as a stereo mixer. Inputs are RCA and/or phone plugs. Four are mic/line and two are phono/line.

Multitrack midi loop, home recording, analog mixer board, digital music, drum kit microphone and studio tips advice ROCKNTV1 LESSONS HOW TO VIDEOS. Left and right VU meters The mic inputs can be used as either mic or line. •Tascam Audio Mixer with 6 channels •Model Number: M-06 •2 headphone inputs •2 VU meters •Power: 120VAC 60Hz, 7W Tascam m-06 audio mixing board = SHARE ROCKNTV1