September 10, 2010

TECH: No Power on hp dv6000 laptop

ROCKNTV1 TECH VIDEOS: No Power on hp dv6000/d6700 laptop. Plugged in not charging,power problems HP PAVILION dv6000/dv6700 motherboard full feature dv6930us Intel core2 duo centrino laptop...
which inturn regulates it to the variouse voltages need by componants in your laptop. The mobile nature of laptop computers necessitate the low power scemes supported by modern operating systems. These laptop power supplies are called SMPS or (switch mode power supplies) and are controlled by special, and sometimes proprietary circutry. While small and efficiant, they are also not fixable without special tools. The "no power on dv6000/dv6700 hewlett packard laptops" may also becaused by a looe conection at the USB / POWER BOARD which is replacable by most repair centers. The wall power brick on the HP supplies converted wall voltage to the motherboard = SHARE ROCKNTV1