September 22, 2010


TECH: The ROCKCHIP RK2808 powering the IROBOT ANDROID APAD, is a high-performance, low-power digital multimedia cpu, from Rockchip electronics, which is based on a Dual Core (DSP+CPU) architecture with hardware acceleration. Built into the latest APAD tablet computer from IROBOT, the APAD, using the latest version of ANDROID. Buy The apad device and its variants will give you your moneys worth, in a side by side with the apple computers device the Ipad. While some are claiming the iROBOT APAD as a clone of the apple Ipad, a comparison of price, features and functionality, will leave no question this is an Ipad killer clone. Apad, Iped, epad, Irobot, no one seems to know what to call it. So here are some deals on the iROBOT apad with google android
Irobot (Apad) 7'' Android tablet special Aluminum edition, fast 1.2Ghz Rock chips cpu < description: ROCKCHIP RK2808 is designed for multimedia product applications such as Smart Phone,MID, GPS and E-Book in tablet pc's or other devices, and is based on ANDROID/WINCE OS. IROBOT ANDROID with the ROCKCHIP RK2808 can support very flexible applications, including SDRAM, Nor Flash, Nand Flash, LCDC , Sensor, USB, SD/MMC.
IROBOT ANDROID apad or iped, what ever you call it, it's a great device, and I hand it to rock chips for their foward thinking, as opposed to the Apple computers "upgrade every year scemologie". Sorry apple Ipad, If you guys built a device i could use, and not shelf at upgrade time, I might be more inclined to be a consumer of apple co. products.