September 3, 2010


ROCKNTV1 VIDEO: ok appologies,,, some queer flagged the vid at YT,, so you all get to watch this instead,,911 mosque wtc ground zero THIS IS AN OPINION VIDEO sharia law islam A COUPLE OF QUESTIONS muslims DawahFilms, 51PARK PLACEmuhammad fatwa The Protest mohammed allah quran koran apostates QUR'AN about COMMON SENSE,, BAD TASTE do you realy want a place to worship? or ARE ALL people INFIDELS every where, in an UNDECLARED WAR with the practitioners of EXTREMIST MUSLIM RELIGIOUS TERERORISTS terrorism. I just want to know AS AN AMERICAN , AM I AT WAR? Sincere people looking for a PLACE TO BUILD A PLACE OF WORSHIP SHOULD CONDSIDER THE SANCTITY OF THE GROUND, Is this bad taste ? or is an ULTERIOR MOTIVE IN PLAY? = JIHAD ? DO I LOCK AND LOAD? OR DO I CARRY A CAN OF SPRAY PAINT FOR PARK51 COMMUNITY COMPLEX ? rifle or spray paint ? you deside the 911 plane crash park51 video, unlike the educationals above, is mine, but i dont belive you have exuded the attention necessary to finish the 4:31 time span. The question is in the video in which the theme is in as BAD TASTE by the muslim faith as is your comment. == John Phippard: Of course its in bad taste, and why do you think it was originally supposed to be named the Cordoba Mosque? The muslims always build a temple at the site of their "victory's". Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim and... yes we are at war with them. The muslim terrorists have declared that they are at war with us so that makes it a war. Why wont the imam disclose where all the money to fund this $100 million dollar "community center" is coming from? Why are the taxpayers paying for this man to be flown overseas to build US/muslim relationships by the current administration? == ROCKNTV1: It is in fact because few have takin the time you just spent, thanks for watching. I made this video provacative to hopfuly find the glue that will bind americans to the to this fact. THNX PHIPP == John Phippard John thats why 70% of Americans think this is a bad idea.As everyone I know has said they have the right to build it there but it is not a good idea. Theres a difference between a right to do something and doing something right! == ROCKNTV1: Exactly why i belive you are 100% correct at beliveing WE ARE AT WAR and there for a way to legaly close this building. WE DONT NEED crazys flying jetplanes in to a mosque downtown. == · Like "Bad faith at Ground Zero" patcondell - "'Tolerance' and the 'Ground Zero Mosque'" thunderf00t - "The "No Mosque at Ground Zero" Protest" xxxThePeachxxx FIGHT SIMULATOR FSX crash video sim plane crash jet. building 7 conspiracy fall of the republic WORLD TRADE CENTER inside job ? VISION · MISSION · PROGRAMS · RAMADAN · CORDOBA HOUSE · FACILITIES · PRESS ROOM · IN THE NEWS · MORE · DIRECTIONS · CONTACT · FAQ: PARK51. atheist female mutalation circumcision Manhattan new york tolerance christian Christians building churches at mecca WTC was arguably an icon of the US muslims icon of discrimination and bad taste ROCKNTV1 reciprocation· Sunnah · Hadith Fiqh · Sharia · Kalam · Sufism, windows 2000 pro, microsoft flight simulator 2002, w2k, suicide bomber, SAUDI ARABIA in case you forgot : At 8:46 a.m., American Airlines Flight 11 was crashed into the World Trade Center's North Tower, followed by United Airlines Flight 175 which hit the South Tower at 9:03 a.m.[7][8] Another group of hijackers flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m.[9] A fourth flight, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 am GRAVE YARD LANDMARK TWIN TOWERS DISTRUCTION = SHARE ROCKNTV1