September 14, 2010

TECH: Are linux users virus free ?

ROCKNTV1 TECH VIDEOS: Are linux users virus free ? Pretty much, WHY doesn't Linux get viruses. There are very specific reasons linux "ubuntu" users dont get virus on their operating system. Linux users are smarter...kidding, but most linux users keep their machine updated and use free software packages that are downloaded and installed by the package manager through the trusted sources policed by the linux community. Windows users, on the other hand get software from websites hosted by anyone. Phishing sites,like the ones the people land one that pop up a window saying "your machine has 32 viruses on it, download free anti virus and scanner" get scared "phished" into installing malware or a virus through these methods. When I see these pages I laugh and move on, WITH OUT CLICKING. There are reasons microsoft windows is more susceptible to getting a virus... that are on some basic technologies levels. Windows installs library files used by the system in multiple places leaving room for the replication of a virus through out the entire os there by infecting a wide majority of the installed applications, and thus bringing down the machine. More virus free linux reasons in video. FREE SMART OS = UBUNTU, Cheap laptops begin with free linux.