August 28, 2010

TECH : hp dv6000 bios overclock

ROCKNTV1 TECH VIDEOS Hp dv6000 centrino bios laptop overclocking with c4 sleep disabled. This is the stock bios / cmos hp dv6000 bios dv6700 dv6930us pavilion f.56 / f.58 Overclocking is not realy possible except to disable the c4 Sleepstate mod,(intel centrino core2 duo speedstep), which will give you full dual cpu performance when windows vista powerstate is set to high. (watch ROCKNTV1 video and read more below) Windows Vista speed tweak disable speedstep c4 bios sleepstate While not realy a overclock this tip will force your intel centrino powred machine to run all cores at full speed while in high performance power mode . Very good boost if your on ac power but will eat your battery up 30% faster. Check out my other vista speed up vids and YOU SHOULD SUBSCRIBE 4 THE LATEST enjoy :-) video by ROCKNTV1.COM