August 11, 2010

Afghanistan Kabul Dreams INDIE BAND

VIDEO: Kabul Dreams on the second floor the A.U.A.F. in Kabul, Afghanistan. ROCKNTV1 WORLD NEWS, INDIE ROCK BAND TV, music videos. INDIE ROCK BAND FROM KABUL Afghanistan ROCKS a ROOM FULL of roaring beer drinking kids, in a ...display of the new Afghanistan. "We really want a change here and want to see something new. Many young people here my age really enjoy the songs," says Hadi Marafat, a 28-year-old employee of a nonprofit organization. With Taliban insurgents still holding sway in parts of Afghanistan, indie rock band, Kabul Dreams has had to cancel several performances because of security threats.

Let me say the TalliW akers should count their blessings that some neo nazi punk band, and several hundred armed kids weren't coming to party. ;)Nice gig fellas, keep on ROCK N... john@ROCKNTV1 = SHARE ROCKNTV1