December 1, 2010

Morning Buzz and Christmas Trees

Greg and the Morning Buzz, at the rock station and rock 101. Real Christmas trees vs fake was the conversation that made me realize these people have no clue. While laura did the best she could to name advantages to the popular tradition of cutting down real live Christmas trees, including the fact that most are farm raised and actually help the environment.
It seems neither Kretchy, or Roadkill have the incite to understand not a single product on or around their artificial pre lit Christmas tree will be made in the USA. Unfortunately the LUMPA followers of these idiots reep the bennys of misguided, malformed under educated opinions, spewed daily.

A short walk through ANY store these days should be enough to open the eyes of any American to the fact that there are NO US MADE GOODS FOR SALE, and the purchase of a real Christmas tree would be a start towards keeping some us dollars on this continent, and not in china. How many jobs would their be, even if only temporary, if everyone bought a real Christmas tree this year.
The Christmas light really came on for me while tooling through Loews, and the Home Depot, looking for pricing on wire shelving, and seeing Hencho en China on 90+ % of every thing i needed to finish the job. The stamped steel brackets that fly from a machine fast enough to beat the band where almost 10 dollars apiece, while containing less metal then the average soup can. This is no barring on the Chinese people, I love their food and their culture and hope some day to visit, but we as Americans need to take the bull by the horns, NOW.
Even If the big name economist cant figure out a way out of this financial mess this country is in, we as citizens could take back one piece at a time by purposely buying American goods and taking a break from the endless supply of disposable Chinese made products.
Quit being so fat and lazy Greg, Morning Buzz Roadkill just happens. = SHARE ROCKNTV1


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